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The petroleum wholesale industry is constantly changing. It’s something that makes this industry both exciting and challenging. Petroleum marketers, jobbers, commercial and industrial distributors, and bulk lubricant suppliers all have a common goal: drive costs down and produce bottom line growth. We can help you get there. Backed by decades of industry experience and expertise, our petroleum wholesale solutions help you effectively manage and maximize profits for your business by ensuring efficiency, transparency, and accuracy at every step in the supply chain.

Every Penny Counts in Wholesale

Another reason why accurate and fast tax reporting is important.

Today, more and more states are requiring petroleum marketers to file motor fuel excise tax reports electronically. Complicating matters, the regulations and standards that drive these taxes vary from state to state leading to inaccurate reports and filing errors. Stop worrying about manual errors and time-consuming processes for reporting your motor fuel excise tax and listen to PDI specialists as they discuss the benefits of PDI’s Motor Fuel Tax Module for Enterprise.


consolidation rate has led to stronger fleets creating a need for mobility & live data.

Having an ERP solution enables your business to work efficiently so you can maximize your profit margins.

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of consumers said it is important to save on fuel when prices are falling.

Even in times of uncertainty, automated and optimized fuel prices can help you be sure you are still pushing for volume.

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ERP Solutions to Help You Thrive

Complete, end-to-end solution for petroleum marketers with sophisticated capabilities so you can maximize volume and profitability goals.

Learn how you can reimagine your operations with PDI ERP Solutions.

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Fuel Pricing Solutions to Help You Thrive

Handle the diversity of B2B pricing with a pricing solution to help you optimize profitability and efficiency with the power of machine learning.

Learn how you can reimagine your pricing strategies with PDI Fuel Pricing Solutions.

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Marketing Cloud and Loyalty Solutions to Help You Thrive

Robust, secure, and scalable solutions for petroleum wholesalers to attract new customers, keep existing ones, increase customer engagement, and drive higher revenues and profits through loyalty and promotions.

Learn how you can reimagine your loyalty programs with PDI Marketing
Cloud Solutions.

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Reimagine your operations with wholesale solutions that unify and transform

The Importance of Digital Transformation

In a volatile fuel market, having tools that give you greater visibility and predictability can be a game changer.

  • Demand for crude oil and liquid fuels averaged 100.71 million barrels per day in 2019
  • U.S. production of petroleum and other liquids is expected to be 20.7% of the world’s supply in 2020
  • As oil and gas companies undergo a digital transformation, they will begin to see reduced operational expenses and fewer risks
  • 80% of enterprise workloads are expected to be in the cloud by 2025

Begin your digital transformation with software that automates your fuel business and ensures accuracy.

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Sources: NACS, IBIS, IEA, Forbes

Fluctuating Fuel Demand

Fuel prices are extremely volatile and often mirror the highs and lows of the global economy.

  • Airline fuel consumption increased 2.6% from 2019 to 2020
  • Global petroleum and liquid fuel consumption in the first
    quarter of 2020 is 0.9 million barrels per day less than the
    first quarter of 2019
  • 2020 is the first year we expect to see decreased global
    oil demand since 2009
  • As of March 2020 oil prices have decreased by 45% due
    to limited demand

When fuel demand plummets, optimally priced fuel can still keep you competitive.

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Sources: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, EIA, NACS, IEA, CNBC

Loyalty Programs for Today’s Consumer

Loyalty programs are a must have for fuel brands and wholesalers, as they help increase gallons at the pump, drive consumers in-store and supplement retailer programs.

  • Loyalty programs help generate customer data and insights that can inform business decisions across Major Oil brands, wholesalers, and c-store locations
  • 22% of consumers visit a particular retailer because of its loyalty program
  • Consumers look to stack rewards across c-store and fuel brand programs
  • 78% of consumers said it is important to save on fuel when prices are rising

Having a program that spans across locations helps increase brand exposure on a member-to-member basis and can pair well with other program constructs.

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Sources: 2019 PDI C-Store Shopper Report

Using PDI Enterprise, Maverik was able to optimize complex operational procedures to maintain its 300+ locations across 11 western states more easily

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