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Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

Whether you’re a single site or multi-site operator, one thing is certain: your convenience retail business is complex. In the daily battle for customer loyalty and razor thin margins, you must use every tool you have to gain a competitive advantage. From the home office to the back office, our retail management solution introduces time-saving automation that improves productivity, optimizes inventory, and helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Exploring the Global Convenience Retail Environment

Now, more than ever, convenience retailers are relying on the power of loyalty to provide the insights they need to compete smarter and drive profitable consumer behavior. The 2020 C-Store Shopper Report highlights the similarities and differences between U.S. and Non-U.S. convenience retailers, including differences in loyalty program maturity and adoption. Readers are also introduced to the new face of the c-store loyalty member.


of companies’ IT budget to be dedicated to digital transformation initiatives by 2023.

As consumers become more tech-savvy, demand more convenient and personalized options, and have less time to waste, retailers of all sizes need to reimagine the way they do business to meet market demands. Get started with our Digital Transformation Guide.

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of people say price is the most important factor when buying gas.

Optimize your profits with the power of PDI solutions and customizable price rules based on trends and data analytics.

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ERP Solutions to Help You Thrive

Complete, end-to-end solution for convenience retailers that keeps your stores running at peak performance and your customers coming back.

Learn how you can reimagine your operations with PDI ERP Solutions.

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Fuel Pricing Solutions to Help You Thrive

Always stay competitive with a retail pricing solution that maximizes profitability while optimizing efficiency and automation with the power of machine learning.

See how the power of PDI Fuel Pricing Solutions can transform your pricing strategies.

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Marketing Cloud and Loyalty Solutions to Help You Thrive

We know what it takes to design and operate winning marketing programs, because our software, experience, and teams of experts are behind some of the most successful programs in the convenience retail industry. PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions helps marketers attract new customers, keep existing ones, increase customer engagement, and drive higher revenues and profits through loyalty and promotions.

Learn how you can reimagine your loyalty programs with PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions.

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Point of Sale Solutions to Help You Thrive

Convenience, foodservice and fuel retail POS with powerful integrations, back-office, and home-office functionality can streamline operations and provide control and actionable insights across all forecourt and store profit centers.

See how the power of PDI Point of Sale Solutions can transform your processes.

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Reimagine your operations with retail solutions that unify and transform

Evolving C-Store Labor Market

Even in an evolving c-store labor market, well-compensated employees work harder and generate more revenue than the average retail employee.

  • Employees working for top performers in the industry cost an average of $17.72 per hour but generated $101.42 in revenue per labor hour
  • There was a 34.7% turnover rate for managers across all retail chains per store per month in 2018
  • Top industry performers invested more in their employees and were able to see direct benefits in operational productivity
  • Total wages and benefits for an average store per month were up 2.3% from 2017 to 2018

Having a solution like PDI Enterprise helps decrease your turnover rate by accurately tracking work hours and decreasing payroll errors, keeping your employees paid on time and happy.

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Sources: NACS SOI

Evolving Consumer Behavior

Prices at the pump often reflect consumer attitudes which has a serious impact on demand.

  • Early 2020 numbers in the US, the world’s largest oil consumer, show people are driving 50% less than usual
  • 2020 has seen the lowest consumer gas prices in 18 years
  • Due to high supply and low demand, a barrel of oil is down to $20
  • Fuel margins in the first quarter of 2020 are at record highs hitting over 81 cents/gallon in the US

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Sources: NACS, NPR, TNW

Give Your Customers What They Want in a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are ideal for the convenience retail industry, as they help drive trips and in-store visits, and increase basket spend.

  • Loyalty membership for c-store programs grew 6% from 2017
  • 89% of adult consumers have been to a c-store in the last six months
  • Loyalty programs help generate customer data and insights that can inform business decisions across Major Oil brands, wholesalers, and c-store locations
  • 22% of consumers visit a particular retailer because of its loyalty program

An effective loyalty program promotes not just a transaction but nurtures a continuing relationship.

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Sources: 2019 PDI C-Store Shopper Report

PDI provided Cruizers with real-time business insights that enabled them to reduce excess inventory by 15%

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