PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

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Data Offers CPGs Insights to Overcome Blindspot Barriers

Convenience stores have notoriously been data deserts for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers. But, new near-real-time transaction data…

Don’t let a lack of available labor affect your operations and compromise your shoppers' in-store experience.


Have C-Stores Regained Everything They Lost in 2020?

Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions are adversely affecting C-store recovery. In-store digital solutions may be helpful for meeting consumer…

Should C-store operators and suppliers be wary of inflationary pressures?


Can 2% Dollar Growth Be Healthy for the Industry?

Dollar sales growth is just over 2% versus 2020’s 2H new normal. Shoppers are increasing their number of C-store trips as well as spending more each…

What can C-store operators and suppliers do to boost beer sales?


Are Beer Sales Slowing Down in the Convenience Channel?

The beer category boomed in 2020, with a large positive shift at the start of the pandemic. However, more recently beer sales are down versus a year…


Strong Gains in March: Are They Real?

C-store trips have been increasing steadily and catching up to pre-pandemic levels. This is good news, but c-stores still have to recapture lost…


Here’s Why C-Store Dollar Sales Growth Came to a Standstill in February

It was just this January that c-stores delivered quite promising dollar sales growth. But all that changed in February. So, what happened? Dafna…


2021 Trends and the New Consumer

Explore new consumer preferences and their lasting impact on the convenience and fuel retail industry.

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Always Find the Best Fuel Price: PDI Logistics Cloud North America

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Exploring the New Commerce Model

Hear retailer perspectives about weathering COVID-19 and NACS present consumer behavior insights


Introduction to PDI Insights Cloud


PDI Insights Cloud: Supplier Overview

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