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DoppelPaymer: Not Your Average Ransomware

DoppelPaymer (sometimes spelled “DopplePaymer”) is a word that’s been appearing more frequently in my threat feed chatter. A ransomware variant,…


Don’t Wait Until Ransomware Has Your Business Locked Down

In my daily scan of the security news headlines, I’ve been noticing that more and more frequently, companies hit by ransomware are paying up.


Sophisticated Attackers Targeting Petroleum Marketers

PDI does a significant amount of work in the petroleum industry and has recently worked on a number of petroleum marketer breaches.


Security Patching: How Fast is Fast Enough?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and one of the topics I like to bring up is security patching. Just about every IT leader will…


Tales from the SOC: Surprise! You’ve Got Active Malware

Did you know that within the average company network there are between 20 and 100 cyberattacks taking place every single minute?


How Much Security Is Enough?

When the City of Atlanta, Georgia had a ransomware attack on their systems in 2018, it cost them upwards of $2.7 million to recover, and well over…


3 Cybersecurity Functions That Should Not Be On “Autopilot”

While the vast majority of a company’s business processes are dependent upon its IT resources, most leaders will admit that cybersecurity can become…


SMB Data Monitoring: Yes, It’s a Thing

A lot of data runs through your business’s network. Most SMBs pay no attention to these internal workings and conversations, unless there is a…


The Technology That Could Finally Defeat Fuel Pump Skimmers

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the words “fuel pump skimmers” should bring a vivid picture or even a personal memory to your mind. For…


What Is Event Correlation and Why Does It Matter?

A big part of our day-to-day lifestyle is knocking down threats and cyberattacks for our customers’ businesses as well as our own.


SIEM and MDR: Dancing Through the Minefield

There’s a lot of buzz in the marketplace these days around SIEM, which is Security Information and Event Management.


Unapproved Devices on the Network

The issue at hand is how to identify and account for your monitored and unmonitored devices. With that accomplished, it’s much easier to spot an…