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Protect your business with a unified network security platform and fully managed cybersecurity services.

Secure Your Network and Stop Ransomware

PDI security solutions are purpose-built for multi-site operators—including retailers and QSRs—that want to modernize their business while protecting their data and assets. When you need innovative yet practical ways to safeguard your business, PDI delivers a robust network security platform and fully managed cybersecurity services to supplement your in-house efforts.

Operate with greater efficiency and agility while adapting faster to changing market dynamics, knowing that your business is well protected against ransomware and other cyberthreats.









Improve Network Security

Reduce Complexity and Costs

The cloud-based PDI Network Security Platform simplifies and secures your in-store appliances at remote sites across your business. This gives you an easier way to accelerate the rollout of new services, software updates, and customer engagement programs—to one site or all of your sites.

Simplify Network Security

Deploy the all-in-one appliance at your remote sites to consolidate network services, secure payment transactions, and streamline back-office operations. This agile approach increases efficiency while reducing costs and simplifying PCI compliance.

Gain Real-Time Network Visibility and Insights

Leverage the PDI VirtualNOC Management Portal to view your entire network from a single centralized location, streamline troubleshooting, improve consistency across sites, and avoid expensive IT site visits.

Supplement Your Cybersecurity Efforts

When you don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to stop ransomware and other cyberthreats on your own, tap into fully managed services. You’ll get all the advantages of advanced threat prevention, monitoring, detection, and incident response from a team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts continually watching over your business.

Get the protection you deserve with:

  • PDI MDR Essential for managed endpoint detection and response
  • PDI XDR Complete for robust extended detection and real-time response against advanced cyberthreats

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