A PDI Customer Success Story

Executive Overview

HQ: Ventura, California since 1999
Industry: Wholesale Logistics
Size: 26-truck fleet
Solution: PDI InCAB

Business Challenge

  • Inability to bill customers within a reasonable amount of time following product delivery
  • Process to bill would take up to three days
  • Manual, paper-based processes slowed down the pace of dispatching
  • Difficulty communicating with drivers when loads changed

Solution Overview

PDI Incab

InCAB® is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

An onboard electronics solution that leverages mobile technology to scale your driver, dispatch, maintenance, and accounting resources. You’ll enjoy operational cost savings, gain certainty regarding driver locations and activities, and improve communication between dispatch and drivers while eliminating paper from the daily order life cycle.

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Customer Results

Reduced billing time from three days to 36 seconds

Gained availability to make real-time product delivery adjustments

Dispatch process is now entirely paperless due to mobile app

Improved ease of communication with truck drivers

MJ Tank Lines reduced billing time from three days to 36 seconds.

“If you’re looking for a great company and good people, this is the company for you.”

– Dax Cando, IT Manager, MJ Tank Lines

Reduced billing time from three days to 36 Seconds

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