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Increase Driver Productivity and Profits

In an industry of shrinking margins, changing regulations and competition for resources, you can still win. Our comprehensive logistics management solution helps carriers in more than 38 countries safely and profitably deliver over 360 million liters of fuel and petroleum products to their destinations every day. Maximize productivity and profits, while increasing visibility and control from the rack to the pump.

Digital Transformation in Logistics

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate.

From capturing data from IoT enabled devices like automatic tank gauges (ATGs) to artificial intelligence (AI) using machine learning and chatbots, the latest digital technologies are enabling greater visibility and predictability throughout the fuel supply chain. Innovation and the digitalization of logistics workflows are improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing supply chain visibility, and ultimately keeping drivers safe.


of investment will be in information and data over the next 10 years.

The Internet of Things and connected equipment bring benefits beyond simply knowing where your trucks are.

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of organizations in APAC have embraced digital transformation.

Digital disruption is having a significant impact in the transportation and logistics industries.

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Petroleum Logistics Solutions to Help You Thrive

Gain a competitive advantage with logistics solutions that drive efficiency and growth, while increasing visibility and control from the rack to the pump.

Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage with PDI Logistics Solutions.

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Jacksons improved billing and load dispatch processes, and achieved real-time visibility for better, faster decision-making

Logistics Industry Trends

Consolidation of both retail and wholesale may lead to consolidation of carriers.

Use of geo-location data to drive dispatching, automated status updates and fleet visibility.

Mandate to comply with new Federal DOT regulations around driver logging.

Streamlining data collection & storage is of growing importance to enable scale and additional volume.

Technology is essential for scaling of carriers – those who do not scale with technology will have to scale with people and the costs associated.

Growing mobility & increasingly large companies have increased the number of devices and amount of data requiring management.

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