Optimize Retail Operations

Optimize Retail Operations

Retail Site Management

Retail Site Management helps you transform retail site operations by giving store-level staff the freedom to do their job faster (and better) from anywhere in the store. What’s more, the automated, cloud-based software reduces the technology burden on IT staff. 

What you get

  • Mobility. Manage everything from anywhere. 
  • Speed. Save time with more efficient workflows.  
  • Insight. Access store-level data everywhere all the time.  
  • Time. Deploy and upgrade software in seconds. 
  • Flexibility. Choose the device that works best. 

What you get rid of

  • Limits. Avoid being chained to the back office. 
  • Back-office costs. Choose whether you want the back-office client (or not).  
  • Network costs. Simplify network deployments and VPN technology. 
  • Support costs. Eliminate PDI and third-party software updates. 
  • Training costs. Reduce decision-making to streamline onboarding.  

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