A PDI Customer Success Story

Executive Overview

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 472 Stores

Solution: PDI Fuel Pricing Retail

Business Challenges

  • Lacked a price optimization tool to ensure competitive, profitable prices at the pump
  • Difficulty integrating with critical internal and external systems
  • Information siloes created limited operational visibility across multi-site operation
  • Needed near real-time, multi-source insights, including competitor and historical data

Solution Overview

PDI Fuel Pricing

Through our world-class pricing engine and deep understanding of their unique business problems, we help retailers and wholesale B2B fuels marketers around the globe improve price performance and decision making. With PDI Fuel Pricing, determine the best pricing strategies for your business, optimize your profits and customize pricing rules based on trends and analytics.

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Customer Results

Time savings

Realized significant time savings due to automated and centrally managed fuel pricing program

Eliminated information siloes

Eliminated information siloes resulting in better site-level visibility across the entire operation

fuel pricing strategy

Created competitive, profitable fuel pricing strategy with near real-time, data-based insights

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with internal and external systems resulting in improved data integrity

PDI’s Fuel Pricing solution enabled multi-sourced data collection to predict price elasticity and recommend best prices

“It’s a great system that allows us to see fuel liters and margin, year on year, week on week, day on day. It’s an essential part of running a fuel business.”

– Applegreen

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