Executive Overview

Wilson Fuel’s history stretches back to the early 1800s. Although it began as a mercantile trade operation, the company experienced several business evolutions transitioning it to construction, then coal, and finally petroleum.

Adaptability has always been an integral part of Wilson Fuel’s successful business model. In 1992, when many companies still considered the Internet a fad, Wilson Fuel declared a domain name, and by 1995 was handling all its credit card transactions online. “One of our main strengths is we tend to be very opportunistic and flexible,” said Wilson Fuel.

It’s a strategy that is still serving the company well after nearly two centuries. Currently, Wilson Fuel operates 77 service stations and distributes fuel to 200 dealers across Atlantic Canada.

Business Challenge

After selling energy for more than 100 years, Wilson Fuel realized the need for an ERP software solution that could handle the company’s rate of expansion.

“We chose PDI Enterprise, not only because it was a largely proven product, but because it was scalable as well,” said Wilson Fuel.

By the time Wilson Fuel began searching for new back-office software, the limitations of its previous system were quite difficult to ignore. Inefficient processes impeded the flow of information, resulting in poor decisions or causing crippling delays. “It took forever just to generate a financial statement,” Wilson Fuel explained. “When the system was overloaded, it required manual intervention, which made the entire process slow and increasingly prone to mistakes.”

PDI Solution

Wilson Fuel implemented PDI Enterprise at a gradual, but steady, pace. “First we put it in all of our retail stores,” the company said. “Then we began transitioning the dealer side of the business. We’ve been through some pretty horrific times with other systems, and this has been much easier and more manageable than our previous efforts.”

The rollout of PDI Enterprise reengineered the way Wilson Fuel conducted business, increasing its operational efficiency and productivity. “PDI Enterprise helped us take back control of every aspect of our business,” the company claims. “We’re making data-driven decisions now because our managers have access to timely information, and we’re using less people to get it done.”

According to Wilson Fuel, implementing PDI Enterprise also led the company to transform their employees’ roles. “We’re retraining our existing staff to engage in more value-added activities. The corporate expectation for our staff has shifted from simple keying to monitoring and analysis, and because of the intuitive, accessible nature of the software, they’re rising to the occasion.”

Customer Results

“We were able to pick up 2 percent on our gross margin in under a year, and that more than paid for the cost of the entire system,” Wilson Fuel stated. “Even more impressive is the fact that since we implemented PDI Enterprise, our business has grown 15 percent.”

Wilson Fuel claims, “More than any other software we’ve used, PDI Enterprise provides consistent data uniformity, which facilitates greater organizational consensus for quicker, more effective action.

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