above ground storage tank
Petroleum marketers and their employees spend 90% less time locating and tracking portable tanks with on-demand GPS from our partner Kii.

For petroleum marketers and their employees (especially drivers and dispatchers), keeping track of portable tanks is challenging. The arduous process usually means long hours invested in locating the tanks and frustration for the team involved.

During harvest and construction season, tanks move frequently, petroleum usage is high, and runouts can occur. If this happens, it will cause critical activities that require timely delivery of fuel to cease. Essential equipment – trucks, tractors, combines, road building machines, and welders – come to a standstill. By working with and listening to our joint customers, Kii launched on-demand GPS as part of its Tank Monitoring Solution. This customer-driven innovation makes it simple to track these significant revenue-generating assets.

Through a simple touch on a mobile application or accessing the web portal, a user can request a tank’s location (longitude/latitude or address – the user decides). GPS information can then be easily shared via email or text, again with a simple click. Using this tracking information, each tank now has a record of all visited locations. This new feature simplifies the process and reduces tracking time by more than 90%.

This tracking capability helps identify standard route and job locations, and it eliminates revenue-reducing, wasteful hours during the busiest times of the year.

“We listen carefully to issues causing frustration on the part of our customers,” states Patrick O’Brien, Head of Sales for Tank Monitoring, “managing and tracking portable tanks was high on everyone’s list. Based on customer feedback about how this feature should work, our product team had an initial working design within a few weeks, followed quickly by the launch, all in a matter of a few months.”

Masanari Arai, CEO and Cofounder of Kii, added, “our IoT platform utilizes an asset monitoring framework that allows new features developed and launched cost effectively and quickly avoiding the long timeframes associated with traditional siloed solution vendors. This architecture is ideal for petroleum marketers evolving requirements as they enter new markets.”

This feature was initially launched with Kendrick Oil Company. Says Davy Daniels, General Manager for Kendrick, “We were introduced to Kii by PDI Software, as Kii is their certified partner for tank monitoring. Within two months, Kii had a solution supporting the features needed to run our business. GPS is critical to servicing the agricultural market in a geography the size of Texas. This certainly impacts our profitability, increases return on this investment, and solves a long-standing problem”.

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