Executive Summary

When the first Pak-A-Sak in Texas was opened by Dale and Joyce McKee in 1978, they made it a point for their family owned and operated business to reflect their personal values of philanthropic living and community engagement.

Now in business for over 40 years, Pak-A-Sak has 23 locations in the Texas panhandle, including a meat market, and can chalk up the source of its success to the service mentality its employees bring to every interaction and transaction.

“Customer service has always been a differentiating factor for the business,” said Barrett Sims, CFO for Pak-A-Sak. “We have always focused on hiring the best people we can to serve our customers, and we believe this is what we are best known for.”

Pak-A-Sak continues to grow, with a custom processing plant also in its portfolio, as well as a drive-thru operation. Tradition helps power this sustained success, with third-generation family members involved in running the business.

Business Challenge

Pak-A-Sak has high expectations and ambitions in serving customers and empowering employees, but its previous software solution could only go so far in providing the necessary infrastructure and back-of-house efficiency.

Specifically, Pak-A-Sak lacked the automation capabilities it needed to accommodate a growing business. Manual processes were time-consuming and resulted in operational delays that had to be addressed.

“Arduous manual tasks that we were forced to do such as fuel invoice, delivery reconciliation and credit card batch reconciliation were a big concern,” said Sims.

The company also wanted to find away to efficiently manage its growing workforce without sacrificing customer service.

PDI Solution

Pak-A-Sak teamed with PDI to deploy its PDI Enterprise solution, and the operational advantages were clear from the start, Sims said.

“One of the most powerful features we have been able to utilize is the flexibility to change store paperwork form sets very quickly to adapt to a change in business operations,” he explained. “For example, we needed to begin accepting a new mobile payment solution and were able to alter the forms at store level very quickly to accommodate this change.”

An intuitive platform also reduced downtime. And employees needed little training to navigate and make extensive use of the solution, deploying run sheets and checklists with ease and speed.

“The biggest impact is the ability to see sales data at a certain time of day,” Sims continued. “We also love the trickle feed feature in market basket and how that information is continuously updated to provide real-time insights.”

Sims also notes the chain just started an audit program using handheld devices. He sums the value of Enterprise as a “powerful and flexible solution” that has helped Pak-A-Sak gain control of their data and insight into operations.

Lastly, the retailer employed PDI Workforce to help better manage its growing store-level staff. In addition to providing an easy way to schedule employees, the software also used sales data help predict how many people were needed to successfully serve customers at any given time.

Customer Results

Time is money, and it’s something Pak-A-Sak knew very well after years of struggling with manual processes. So, imagine the reaction when the company found out item reconciliation processes powered by Enterprise were saving employees 10 to 15 hours a week.

The new program literally halved the time it took for Pak-A-Sak to process payroll, and it was a massive jump in efficiency that fueled company growth efforts. In addition, PDI’s workforce management solution helped the retailer save money by significantly reducing overtime hours without damaging its reputation for excellent customer service.

“The efficiencies we are able to realize are what has been such a difference maker,” Sims said. “It’s sometimes difficult to explain to people that because of how good the back office software is, we could literally double our store count and not need to add any additional back office staff to handle processing duties.”

Working with a supportive partner like PDI has allowed Pak-A-Sak to maximize its use of Enterprise. The retailer knew it could rely on PDI to resolve any issues and reflect the same values that were core to Pak-A-Sak’s mission and identity as a business.

“PDI seems to have a genuine desire to build relationships with all of their customers, regardless of the circumstances,” Sims said. “It’s also very apparent that PDI cares about their employees and their success, and I think that culture has a way of rubbing off on people when they experience it.”

Sims sees this level of commitment as the key to helping Pak-A-Sak succeed.

“It is very apparent when you deal with any PDI employee at any level, that they truly enjoy what they do and you get the sense that they are vested in the success of your business,” he says. “That’s just something I have never seen in any other organization. I believe it’s what sets PDI apart.”

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