Executive Summary

Depending on which Dujka brother you ask, Steve or Marshall, the impetus for Landmark Industries was their big idea. Yet one thing that undoubtedly unites them, and their two other founding partners, is the belief that hard work, loyalty to employees and a dedication to serving the community will earn you success.

Landmark knows a thing or two about putting in the work: It took 28 days for the fearsome foursome to build their first Timewise c-store in Hempstead, Texas in 1983. Fast forward to now, and the company boasts more than 200 Timewise locations spread across Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Laredo. The company also operates a wholesale distributor segment that offers Shell-, Exxon- and Texaco-branded petroleum products, among others.

Landmark was built on a commitment to customer service, and in many ways, has been able to grow thanks to that defining identity.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we’re fast, friendly and always competitively priced for every customer that walks through our door,” says Ken Victorick, operations zone manager.

Business Challenge

Despite Landmark’s drive to provide the highest quality experience to customers, it experienced significant challenges delivering that service because of its pricebook. Working from an old MS-DOS system established more than 30 years ago, Landmark never had the timely data it needed to run promotions or mix-and-match combinations that draw customers. In fact, Victorick estimated as much as 40 to 50 percent of its overall pricebook consisted of items Landmark didn’t need.

The lack of a modern software solution hindered Landmark’s back office operations and ability to respond to customer demands. If the company was audited, it would have taken 10 days to manually figure purchases and sales to bring the books up to speed.

“We were never looking at up-to-date data, which made it difficult to make the best decisions we could possibly make for our business,” Victorick says.

PDI Solution

Not only did Landmark need a solution to improve its pricebook capabilities, but also one that could support and scale with the company as it grew. Landmark found the answer to its problem with PDI Envoy. With a centralized, automated pricebook powering its store management, Landmark is now able to build revenue-generating promotions and ensure pricing accuracy at its sites.

“By moving to the new pricebook, we can run and maintain the sales promotions we want based on current scan data, which helps us keep our customers happy and maximize our revenue,” Victorick says.

Besides helping to drive promotions-focused goals, PDI Envoy has also benefited Landmark in several areas thanks to improved data practices and capabilities. Now, pricebook maintenance is a much simpler affair, with Landmark able to easily deactivate and add items as needed. Victorick also praises the ability to generate immediate reports as helping the business make more informed decisions.

“PDI Envoy has really helped streamline our business at the store-level, and the capabilities of the back office portion of the software were really a bonus feature for us that we weren’t necessarily expecting,” he says.

Customer Results

Since implementing PDI Envoy, Victorick says the company has been able to save close to $1 million a year, with labor savings resulting from automated processes being a particular point of emphasis.

However, Landmark was never solely about the dollars: It was always about finding a solution and a vendor that aligned with its values and goals—about forging a relationship that placed quality service and support above all. PDI Envoy has delivered on this front, too.

“You just can’t put a price on some of the things you can do now in PDI Envoy versus our old system,” Victorick says. “I’ve looked at a lot of different software out there, and I’ve dealt with a lot of different people. I would definitely recommend PDI over anyone else in this business.”

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