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Integrate your payroll system to a connected workforce experience to reduce your manual tracking and processes.

Employees are your most valuable asset, especially for convenience retailers. The people you hire become the everyday face of your brand. But it’s more competitive than ever to hire good talent. You spend countless hours and expend immense effort to staff your store. Now that you have the right staff, how do you focus on your employees, their skills and their experience instead of the paperwork and tracking that comes with hiring them? Don’t let the labor-intensive process of managing payroll become your focus.

With industry turnover at 115 percent, keeping track of your employees is no easy feat. From store-level staff to home-office employees, operational visibility combined with process automation saves you invaluable time and money. By integrating your payroll with the tools to help track your employees, you can fully integrate your business to reduce complexity, so you can focus on your store and customers. Here are a few benefits of combining your payroll, scheduling and time tracking solutions to achieve a connected workforce experience.

Paying Your Employees

Keeping track of your employees, especially in an industry with expected turnover of over 100 percent, can be painstaking. With a connected experience, your payroll and time capture tools work together, so you know exactly who’s working and how much to pay them each week. This integration eliminates manual input for your payroll system each week. All the time captured information is automatically uploaded to your payroll tool, reducing the manual touchpoints you have while saving you time (and money) with process automation.

Because when you take care of your employees, they take care of your business. And nothing keeps your employees happier than getting paid for the incredible customer service they provide in your store every day.

Scheduling Employees

But before you can pay your employees, you need to know who’s working your store and when. Based on your individual store data, you can control every aspect of employee scheduling to ensure your c-store is adequately staffed and your customers are satisfied. The best part? A sophisticated scheduling tool can pull information using POS transactional data to easily create schedules based on store need. The results are reduced over-staffing, understaffing, and over-paying due to excessive overtime. You should even be able to account for seasonality and the various schedule types your c-store may need (e.g. c-store, foodservice, quick lube, car wash, etc.).

Capturing Employee Time

For convenience stores juggling multiple levels of employees, executing various jobs potentially across several states, manually tracking and inputting employee time to properly process payroll is time consuming and inefficient. Part of a connected workforce experience means using a reliable, automated time capture feature that tracks employee work hours, so you know how many hours they’re clocking. In a connected experience, these hours will automatically sync with your payroll system to provide you with accurate information for each employee. No more manual tracking!

Although you could implement just one of the previously mentioned workforce management tools to increase operational efficiency and business performance, implementing all three as a connected workforce experience removes the countless manual processes that impede visibility and prevent a clear version of the truth. You, your business and your employees no longer need to worry about various files passing back and forth between systems. The connected workforce experience leverages information across the integrated systems, keeping the information you need at your fingertips.

PDI can help optimize your operation and cut overtime costs. With an integrated workforce, you can efficiently pay your team while optimizing their hours and schedule. PDI Workforce is backed by staff with deep industry knowledge and experience in the convenience store industry. Get the most out of your workforce investment. Let PDI Payroll Services share the load, so you can focus on expanding your business, serving customers, and leading a productive workforce.

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