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PDI, the leader in enterprise management software for the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale markets, delivers software solutions to connect to intelligent business. Our people-first approach, combined with over three decades of experience and best-in-class technology, help you thrive in today’s digital economy. We’re passionate about your success and delivering exceptional customer experiences. It’s time to reimagine enterprise management and transform your business.

Solutions to Help You Thrive


Increase case movement and sales volume through valuable insights, unmatched network reach, and optimized promotions.


Comprehensive fuel supply management solutions for carriers and haulers.


Technology solutions that transform and secure your restaurants.


Convenience retail solutions for multi-site operators and retail chains.

Single Site Owners

The tools you need to operate your store with ease.


End-to-end wholesale solutions for fuel, propane, lubricants, and home heat.



Retail solutions for single- and multi-site operators and retail chains that bring time-saving automation to every part of the operation ensuring stores run at peak performance and customers keep coming back.

Start improving your productivity with our time-saving automation solutions.



End-to-end wholesale solutions for fuel, propane, lubricants, and home heat that automate dispatch to delivery to help petroleum marketers reach operational proficiency while maximizing profits.

Start driving your operational proficiency and maximizing your profits with our scalable automation solutions.



Comprehensive fuel supply chain management solutions that give carriers and haulers visibility and control to achieve lower distribution costs and increased efficiency across their entire operation.

Start increasing your visibility and lowering your distribution costs with our comprehensive suite of automation solutions.



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Reawakening the Morning Daypart

Northern Star Energy Selects PDI Logistics Cloud to Automate Fuel Distribution

Northern Star Energy Selects PDI Logistics Cloud to Automate Fuel Distribution

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National Technology Awards Honor PDI in Two Categories


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