Overcoming Tax Challenges in Oil & Gas

Overcoming Tax Challenges in Oil & Gas

A PDI and Avalara partner webinar

Are you staying compliant? Regulations are in a constant state of change, so filing your excise taxes each month can feel both tedious and stressful. Join PDI and Avalara to hear about the latest challenges in the oil and gas industry. You’ll also learn how automation can help you stay ahead of the ever-changing tax environment.

In this webinar, our experts cover:

  • A broad overview of the current tax landscape  
  • Insights on setting your business up for tax transformation   
  • Functional benefits of tax automation 


Grace Chambers
VP, Wholesale Product Management, PDI

Jim Cornette
Director, Enterprise Productivity Sales, North America, PDI

John Beaty
General Manager, Excise, Avalara

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