Think of your store as an oversized billboard. From your employees to the items on your shelves, it’s the best—or worst—advertisement you have. When it comes to helping you manage the daily delivery of unforgettable customer experiences, you need software you can count on. Our retail solution drives efficiency and time-saving automation into every part of your store-level operation, helping you ensure effective pricing and promotions, ordering precision, and real-time inventory management that keeps your stores running at peak performance and your customers coming back.

  • Inventory
  • Pricebook
  • Automated ordering
  • Daily reporting
  • Foodservice capabilities
  • Rebate manager
  • Wireless handheld
  • Market Basket reporting
  • Lottery
  • Financials

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The Next Evolution in Retail Has Arrived

From improved forecasting based on years of trend data to real-time inventory management with down-to-the-minute accuracy, we’re delivering next-level retail software like you never imagined.

PDI Foodservice Capabilities

Labor management

Recipe & menu support integrated in Pricebook

Inventory management & reporting

“Thanks to PDI Enterprise foodservice capabilities, we are now able to predict sales forecast to better manage our orders, shelf-life, labor, and production rates.”


With PDI Lottery’s auto-scan capabilities, businesses are able to reduce lottery management time to mere minutes.

The process is as easy as




“Before PDI Lottery, we were spending thousands to recoup five cents.”

– Ross Gentis

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