PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now


Exploring the New Commerce Model

Hear retailer perspectives about weathering COVID-19 and NACS present consumer behavior insights


Optimize Your Workforce in the Face of an Unprecedented Pandemic

Providing a solution that works for you and your most important resource—your employees.


Giving Your Workforce Transparency in a Time of Need

Our experts introduce PDI Employee Self-Service in a time when creating a mobile workforce is top of mind.

Man looking at camera, smiling and holding a “thumbs up” inside a truck.


Why the Move to Mobile is Needed in Fleet Management, Eliminate Your Paper Trail

Make the move to mobile to benefit your drivers, your bank account and ultimately, your business.

Case Study

Anderson Oil Co.

Anderson Oil reduced overtime by 83% with PDI solutions that helped them improve transparency and control and gain actionable insights.

Woman using a calculator at her laptop.


Integrate Your Payroll System to Create a Connected Workforce Experience

Integrate your payroll system to a connected workforce to optimize schedules, capture & review time, analyze metrics & efficiently pay your team.

Case Study


Pak-A-Sak lacked an efficient or accurate labor scheduler and was reliant on messy spreadsheets. With PDI, the chain stays below budgeted employee…

Case Study

Par Mar

By Lo Oil Co. logo

Case Study

By-Lo Oil Company