PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now

Are you converting your customers from the pump to the store?


Are You Converting Your Customers from the Pump to the Store?

The industry has seen a growing opportunity for pump-to-store conversion where c-store locations also sell fuel. This has especially been the case…


Want to Build C-Store Customer Loyalty? Make It Personal.

Build loyalty and engage with consumers by delivering an experience that meets them where they are today but incentivizes them to go where you’d like to take them.


Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street: How to Establish a Successful Loyalty Program

C-store customer loyalty programs drive engagement and purchases. If you don’t already have a loyalty program, it’s now easier than ever to start one.


Increase Productivity with PDI Enterprise Workforce Site Portal

Enable employees to record time, sign timesheets, and more without leaving the sales floor or going to the back office.


Gain More Efficient Staffing with PDI Enterprise Workforce Labor Scheduler

Get recommended staffing levels based on market basket transaction data and predicted customer traffic.


Give Employees Real-Time Data with PDI Enterprise Workforce Employee Self Service

Empower employees with a mobile app to view schedules, timesheets, and pay statements, request time off, and message the team.


Balancing Your Books Shouldn’t Be a Balancing Act

Retailers can use automation to increase efficiency, destress the account team, streamline processes, and free up time to focus on areas of financial concern.


Spend Less Time Managing Programs with PDI Enterprise Retail Loyalty Management Portal

Manage your loyalty program in just a few minutes a month.


Protect Your Margins with PDI Enterprise Retail Lottery Tracking

Reduce the time and effort required to gather accurate, detailed information on lottery inventory.


Eliminate Food Service Struggles with PDI Enterprise Retail Foodservice

Maximize margins and take control of recipes, menus, nutritional information, and waste.


Improve Profitability with PDI Enterprise Pricebook Exception Management

Spend less time investigating merchandise overcharges, unauthorized deliveries, and desired margins.


Save Time Reconciling 3rd-Party Transactions with PDI Enterprise Financial Item Reconciliation

Easily reconcile third-party transactions - credit cards, EBT, lottery settlements, and more.