PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now


Exploring the New Commerce Model

Hear retailer perspectives about weathering COVID-19 and NACS present consumer behavior insights


Fuel Pricing EV Infographic

See how to disrupt your market with optimally priced energy for alternative fuel vehicles.


PDI Fuel Pricing Custom Benchmark Report

Take the first step to see how PDI Fuel Pricing can optimize your efficiency and profitability.


Get Started with PDI Fuel Pricing Retail

PDI Fuel Pricing Retail has the automation and tools to take your fuel pricing to the next level.


Intro to PDI Fuel Pricing B2B

Learn how to optimize B2B fuel prices in this webinar for petroleum marketers and fuel wholesalers.


Learn from the Experts: Fuel Pricing Retail Panel

Our experts discuss the benefits of an intelligent fuel pricing solution for convenience retailers.


What’s New with PDI Fuel Pricing Retail?

Learn about the newest features in PDI Fuel Pricing Retail with our solution experts.


8 Fundamental Fuel Pricing Strategies for Convenience Retailers

Improved pricing strategies will help you gain satisfied customers and build a healthy bottom line


Optimizing Fuel Prices to Navigate a Crisis

Listen to our pricing experts introduce solutions that will help you navigate these uncertain times


Reimagining Digital Transformation for Convenience & Fuel Retailers

Let us take you through a simple, yet effective, approach to digital transformation.


6 Ways Convenience Retailers Can Benefit from Back Office Software

More than ever, convenience retailers can benefit from back office software that simplifies their operations and helps them deliver the service their…

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The Intelligence, Data and Technology Your C-Store Operations Need to Maximize Fuel Pricing Margins

With the right technology, convenience retailers can connect internal and external data sources to maximize fuel margins and improve store…