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PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now

Don’t let a lack of available labor affect your operations and compromise your shoppers' in-store experience.


Have C-Stores Regained Everything They Lost in 2020?

Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions are adversely affecting C-store recovery. In-store digital solutions may be helpful for meeting consumer…

Should C-store operators and suppliers be wary of inflationary pressures?


Can 2% Dollar Growth Be Healthy for the Industry?

Dollar sales growth is just over 2% versus 2020’s 2H new normal. Shoppers are increasing their number of C-store trips as well as spending more each…


What Are the Top Tech Trends for Petro Retailers?

Check out the new “Top 5 Tech Trends for Petro Retailers” infographic from PDI to discover what technologies are trending and how they’re impacting…

What can C-store operators and suppliers do to boost beer sales?


Are Beer Sales Slowing Down in the Convenience Channel?

The beer category boomed in 2020, with a large positive shift at the start of the pandemic. However, more recently beer sales are down versus a year…


Find Gas Fast with GasBuddy’s Fuel Availability Tracker

GasBuddy’s Fuel Availability Tracker helps drivers find fuel if stations in affected areas run out after a natural disaster or crises.


Strong Gains in March: Are They Real?

C-store trips have been increasing steadily and catching up to pre-pandemic levels. This is good news, but c-stores still have to recapture lost…


Here’s Why C-Store Dollar Sales Growth Came to a Standstill in February

It was just this January that c-stores delivered quite promising dollar sales growth. But all that changed in February. So, what happened? Dafna…


Introduction to PDI Insights Cloud


PDI Insights Cloud: Supplier Overview

Go through PDI's Insights Cloud solution from a supplier's lens in less than 10 minutes.


PDI Insights Cloud for Retailers: Unlocking the Full Value of Your Transactional Dataset


Offers & Insights: Improving Retailer Visibility & Promotions with Data & CPG Connections

Increase visibility through real time insights and drive revenue with additional discounts.


Bringing Insights To You: A PDI Insights Cloud Case Study Round Table

Join PDI and Anheuser-Busch in a round table about how they partner with retailers using Insights Cloud.