PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now


Top EV and Convenience Retail Trends in 2022

Should fuel and convenience retailers be focused on the continued growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market in 2022? Yes, but maybe not in the way…


Unlocking Hidden Value in Your Investment

If you’re not measuring what’s going on in your store and what’s happening from a data perspective, you don’t know how much money you’re leaving on the table.


2021 M&A Tech Guide: Tips and Insights for More Effective Technology Integrations

In a landscape moving at lightning speed, you need to go beyond traditional M&A methods. Get the latest tips and insights for effective technology…


The Value of Loyalty and Personalization for Retailers

In this video, PDI’s Brian Jefferson provides his insights on the value of increasing loyalty and how retailers can provide exceptional customer…


Consumer Engagement Solutions with PDI Webinar

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Grow Revenue and Improve Customer Experience with PDI Private Label Debit

Accelerate customer participation and generate higher sales with combined payments and loyalty.


Increase Trips and Spend with PDI Consumer Engagement Services

Comprehensive marketing solutions platform customized to support your loyalty program from planning to execution.


4 Tips for Regaining Your Competitive Edge

As M&A activity rises, convenience retailers must maintain market share. That pressure is driving innovation in an industry that’s been historically slow to change.


The Test Market on the Corner: How New C-Store Data Capabilities Enable More Precise Analysis of Product and Promotion Testing

C-stores provide a unique and cost-efficient channel for CPG brands to conduct more effective product testing, especially in specific merchandise categories.

Legacy systems


Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Technology Stack

Convenience and fuel retailers should evaluate their technology stack to assess legacy software systems, migrating to the cloud, and paying off technical debt.


Want to Build C-Store Customer Loyalty? Make It Personal.

Build loyalty and engage with consumers by delivering an experience that meets them where they are today but incentivizes them to go where you’d like to take them.


Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street: How to Establish a Successful Loyalty Program

C-store customer loyalty programs drive engagement and purchases. If you don’t already have a loyalty program, it’s now easier than ever to start one.