PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now


Improve Business Efficiency with PDI Logistics Data Capture

Quickly and securely retrieve store sales and fuel inventories with automated ATG & POS data capture.

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3PL Load Board

On-demand freight exchange for fuel retailers, wholesalers, and third-party carriers.



The Impact of Centralizing Every Point Along the Fuel Supply Chain

In the past year, we have witnessed the impact that a lack of digitization can have on the fuel supply chain when operations are run manually by pen…

PDI Celebrates National Logistics Day


PDI Celebrates National Logistics Day

We’re thrilled to celebrate National Logistics Day on June 28 – a day to celebrate the importance the logistics industry plays in domestic and global…


What the US Can Learn From Europe About Fuel Delivery

Europe leads the U.S when it comes to transparency and visibility in fuel logistics. Find out why Europe is ahead and what the U.S. can do to catch…

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Rapid Response—Tips for Managing Fuel Pricing During a Crisis

What should market participants be doing to deal with the current disruption and prepare for future ones? The finely tuned supply chain will be…

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Industry Talks at PIDX Spring Conference Help Uncover Possibilities for Terminal Visibility and Supply Chain Automation

At the PIDX Spring Conference, PDI’s VP of Platform and Innovation, Vlad Collak, discussed the state of the industry and proposed new ways to…


Three Tech Tips for Focusing on Carrier Management

In an industry where every penny matters, the right technology makes a huge difference. Let’s look at three key areas that can impact operational…

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Cloud-Connected, Dual-Facing Camera

Reduce risk and improve driver safety with AI-powered hazard detection & real-time video

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Driver & Fleet Compliance

Fully-compliant and reliable ELD & mobile solution

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Real-Time Tank Monitoring

Avoid runouts and retains with a real-time tank monitoring system

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Carrier Management Simplified

Get end-to-end visibility to seamlessly manage your fleet and carriers