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Leverage Technology to Transform Your Restaurants

Today’s restaurant business climate is increasingly defined by operational complexity, tight profit margins, and hiring challenges. That’s especially the case for rapidly growing quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

So, how do you overcome these challenges? Start by turning technology into a competitive advantage with a unified networking platform and cloud-based, managed security services that accelerate your digital transformation. The result? An agile, secure IT infrastructure that lets you focus on what you do best: delivering a superior guest experience.


of customers say that a server tablet improves their experience.

A secure, reliable network is critical to delivering onsite services that elevate the dining experience.


of tech-savvy customers who place online orders become repeat customers.

Investing in digital transformation allows you to securely reach new customers while increasing brand loyalty.

“We primarily went with PDI for better support, but we also were interested in the 4G wireless backup system that would enable us to quickly fail over in case we lost an Internet connection.”

Chris Bowling, Owner, Lavco Food Services

Security Solutions to Help You Thrive

A well-run business requires continual protection against advanced cyberthreats. But when you realize just how many networked IT systems and devices you must protect, that task can feel overwhelming.

To simplify security and remove the burden from your IT staff, you can access fully managed services delivered by the experts other QSRs trust to handle their own networking and security needs.

Reducing Network Complexity and Costs

When you want to simplify connectivity and network security across multiple sites, PDI offers a single-platform solution with fully managed network services—including loyalty apps, guest Wi-Fi, and secure POS payments for PCI compliance. This flexible platform helps you reduce device footprint at each restaurant with cloud-based remote management and a scalable path for digital transformation.

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Securing Your Business against Cyberattacks

If you’re not actively preventing, detecting, and responding to security threats 24/7/365, your business isn’t adequately protected. To elevate your security posture without tying up all your resources, explore fully managed MDR and XDR services with proactive endpoint monitoring.

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Reimagine your operations with QSR solutions that unify and transform

Lavco secures its Arby’s restaurants with a scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use network solution from PDI.

Tumbleweed relies on the PDI network security plat- form to keep its offerings fresh and its data secure.

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