Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PDI Online Networking Package for Culver’s?

PDI is the authorized technology solution provider for all of the Culver’s franchisees. The PDI Online Networking Package is a comprehensive offering that enables Culver’s locations to simplify their in-restaurant IT infrastructure and provide a more robust, highly reliable Wi-Fi experience—all backed by world-class customer support.

What are the advantages of using this service?

Advantages include:

  • Enhanced guest Wi-Fi
  • Single router/firewall with 16 ports (eliminate switches)
  • Managed broadband access available
  • Segmented payment applications
  • High availability, including wireless backup24/7/365 proactive monitoring and management
  • PCI compliance

How do I purchase the PDI Online Networking Package for Culver’s?

To purchase this solution, please fill out the Get Started form.

How does the 4G wireless backup service work?

If the broadband access at your location fails, the wireless backup service activates automatically with no intervention. Payment and other back-office applications will continue to function until the primary broadband access is re-established.

Do I need to purchase my broadband from PDI, or can I use my own?

If you already have broadband services at your stores, you can keep your existing provider. If you prefer to use a single source, PDI can procure and support your broadband services.