If you’re looking for results, PDI Pricebook Services can deliver. Our team of experts has helped retailers across the country streamline their pricebook procedures and create the best possible customer experience. Here’s the story of how they helped a 300-store chain turn its pricebook department around in 6 months.

Improved productivity by 50%

PDI Pricebook provided centralized, electronic control of retail pricing and vendor costs, allowing E-Z Mart to maximize margins and improve accuracy.

Common Issues Pricebook Teams Face

  • Unorganized Procedures
  • Breakdown in Communication
  • Inadequate Pricebook Knowledge
  • Lack of Time

What PDI Pricebook Services Offers

  • Organized Procedures
  • Exclusive Focus on Pricebook
  • Vast Pricebook Knowledge
  • Best Practices
  • Experience You Can Count On

Experience You Can Count On

Imagine a team of PDI Pricebook specialists updating, organizing and nurturing the heart of your c-stores. With PDI Pricebook Services, you get more than 130 years of combined experience and a team of subject matter experts dedicated to your success. Today, retailers of all sizes with operations spanning 37 states rely on them for pricebook maintenance and more.

Here’s What We Can Do for You

  • Item Updates
  • Vendor Item Updates
  • Standard Retails
  • Promotional Retails
  • Combo/Mix-Match Deals
  • POS Item Attributes
  • Reporting
  • Pricebook Cleanup

Additional Pricebook Services

  • Item Updates
  • Vendor Item Updates
  • Standard Retails
  • Promotional Retails

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