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3PL Load Board

Data-driven decision making and increased visibility for third-party fuel logistics

An enterprise-level, end-to-end solution for the fuel supply chain that increases visibility and control from the rack to the pump

Superior Visibility, Scalability & Agility

PDI Logistics Solutions simplifies management for the fuel supply chain. We have the knowledge and expertise to help fuel retailers, carriers, haulers, petroleum marketers, and jobbers manage bulk and metered fuel. Get up and running with powerful tools and insights.

Purchase from the right source at the right time and reduce carrying costs, run-outs, and retains through demand forecasting. Gain a competitive advantage with automated forecasting and load creation, sourcing, reconciliation, and payables tools.

  • Inventory Reduction
  • Agreement Balancing
  • Long Distance Arbitrage
  • Market Timing
  • Freight Labor

Leading fuel supply chain management software and services

65,000+ Locations

23+ Billion Gallons Annually

250+ Common Carriers

Real-Time Visibility

Automated and reliable data capture provides  the timely and accurate information you need to make the best replenishment decisions.

Cut Paper, Cut Costs

From planning and dispatching to order closure and billing, our completely paperless process reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Secure, Cloud-Based Solutions

Enjoy safe, secure, and convenient access to your data with our cloud-based, fully monitored solutions.

Demonstrable ROI

Reduce operational costs and scale your business with customer-driven solutions built for the fuel supply chain.

Shorten Billing Cycles

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry with integration with most ERP back-office systems.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Streamline and optimize operations without increasing staff by automating manual processes.

“PDI is there. PDI knows the industry. PDI has the best tools and systems. [They] want to build a partnership with you to make you a successful business.”

Logistics Solutions to Help You Thrive

tank wagon unified scheduler

Manage Your Inventory More Efficiently

Maximize efficiency and reduce retains, split loads, and run-outs with a powerful forecasting solution.

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Streamline Scheduling & Dispatching

Reduce complexity with a single solution that handles transport, metered bulk fuel, degree day home heat, fleet fueling and package goods deliveries.

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Always Find the Best Fuel Price

Improve margins by purchasing fuel from the best supplier at the best terminal at the best time of the day.

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Real-Time, Paperless Load Closure

Realize immediate gains in efficiency by empowering drivers and dispatchers with access to real-time inventory.

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Logistics Automation

Deliver more loads and improve profitability

There are many factors to consider to efficiently run your business and maximize revenue: supplier costs, inventory levels, drive times, freight expenses, and more. With so much data to analyze, you carry the burden of making the best decision possible in real time. Failing to do so can result in costly runouts and wasteful retains.

SmartSchedule is a smart, reliable solution with new automation features that analyze every condition to ensure you’re making the best possible decision.

Auto dispatch and scheduling. New auto dispatch and scheduling features monitor logistics details continuously. By tracking truck locations and availability, the system creates dynamic schedules based on your operational preferences, including real-time order adjustments.

Enhanced auto ordering. Custom ordering strategies evaluate your entire business, including day-part restrictions, to ensure you deliver the optimal fuel quantity at the optimal time and price using real-time inventory monitoring.

Connect Retailers, Wholesalers & Carriers with One Version of the Truth

Grow your business and build trust and loyalty through increased transparency and automation

Carrier Exchange

Manage 3PLs like you own them

Manage third-party logistics (3PL) carriers with ease. Carrier exchange gives you tools to manage multiple carriers, monitor progress, and track performance.

Powerful order desk tools support:

  • Order assignment
  • Carrier monitoring
  • Real-time updates
  • Payment processing

Introduce measurable efficiency improvements and build a foundation for 3PL performance analysis.

3PL Load Board

On-demand freight exchange for fuel retailers, wholesalers, and third-party carriers

PDI Logistics Load Board is an on-demand freight exchange that eliminates the hassle, uncertainty, and subjectivity that comes with handling excess capacity.

Bring data-driven decision making to third-party fuel logistics with:

  • Automated bid ranking
  • Automated bid acceptance
  • Increased visibility
  • Streamlined reporting

3PL Carrier Plan

If you’re a third-party carrier serving PDI Logistics customers, you can save time and money with free access to PDI Logistics SmartSchedule and SmartMobile modules.

An integrated solution helps carriers and PDI Logistics customers eliminate costly communication and paperwork errors while dramatically decreasing reconciliation-related efforts.

  • Dispatch delegated orders and orders for inventory managed sites
  • Provide order assignments to drivers
  • Collect delivery updates and provide order status to your customers
  • Provide customers delivery details immediately upon order closure

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“When you sign up with PDI, you truly have a partner in the business. They really put the best interests of the customer first.”

– Keith Slater, CFO, MAPCO Express, Inc.

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