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Four Cost-Saving Benefits of the Connected Truck

Discover how to save time and fuel & increase efficiency

An enterprise-level, end-to-end solution for the fuel supply chain that increases visibility and control from the rack to the pump

Superior Visibility, Scalability & Agility

PDI Logistics Cloud simplifies management for the fuel supply chain. We have the knowledge and expertise to help fuel retailers, carriers, haulers, petroleum marketers, and jobbers manage bulk and metered fuel. Get up and running with powerful tools and insights.

Purchase from the right source at the right time and reduce carrying costs, run-outs, and retains through demand forecasting. Gain a competitive advantage with automated forecasting and load creation, sourcing, reconciliation, and payables tools.

  • Inventory Reduction
  • Agreement Balancing
  • Long Distance Arbitrage
  • Market Timing
  • Freight Labor

Leading fuel supply chain management software and services

65,000+ Locations

23+ Billion Gallons Annually

250+ Common Carriers

Real-Time Visibility

Automated and reliable data capture provides  the timely and accurate information you need to make the best replenishment decisions.

Cut Paper, Cut Costs

From planning and dispatching to order closure and billing, our completely paperless process reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Secure, Cloud-Based Solutions

Enjoy safe, secure, and convenient access to your data with our cloud-based, fully monitored solutions.

Demonstrable ROI

Reduce operational costs and scale your business with customer-driven solutions built for the fuel supply chain.

Shorten Billing Cycles

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry with integration with most ERP back-office systems.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Streamline and optimize operations without increasing staff by automating manual processes.

Gain a competitive advantage with PDI Logistics Cloud

Logistics Solutions to Help You Thrive

Manage Your Inventory More Efficiently

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Streamline Scheduling & Dispatching

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Always Find the Best Fuel Price

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Real-Time, Paperless Load Closure

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“When you sign up with PDI, you truly have a partner in the business. They really put the best interests of the customer first.”

– Keith Slater, CFO, MAPCO Express, Inc.

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