PDI Logistics Cloud


An end-to-end solution for the fuel supply chain that increases visibility and control from the terminal to the nozzle.

Superior Visibility, Scalability & Agility

With PDI Logistics Cloud, fuel retailers, wholesalers, and haulers get an enterprise solution designed to bring visibility and control across the entire fuel distribution network. Automation, dynamic forecasting, and business intelligence create actionable insights to minimize risk, reduce cost, and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

  • Real-time alerts to eliminate stockouts and retains
  • Dynamic forecasting to decrease stock levels on site
  • ETA and delivery tracking

Visibility & Control

Increased transparency and compliance throughout your operations.

Cloud-Based Functionality

Connecting your entire network with robust forecasting and optimization algorithms.

Multinational Operations

Tailored to unique country legal and operational requirements & supporting more than 15 languages.

Advanced Automation

Fit for multiple business setups giving you flexibility, speed and accuracy.

Industry Focus

Specializing in fuel logistics with over 30 years of experience and dedication.

Seamless Integration

API integration with a vast third-party ecosystem bringing you closer to a fully digitized supply chain.

Start maximizing productivity and profits with PDI Logistics Cloud

Solutions to Help You Thrive


Planning and dispatch just got easier. Get a comprehensive solution designed to reduce complexity, ensure compliance, and increase transparency.

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Bringing drivers real-time visibility through a modern and intuitive user experience that is designed to eliminate paperwork and accelerate the delivery process.

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“Because our dispatchers can now plan between 25 and 30 vehicles each, we can supply three times as many fuel stations with the same number of people.”

– Ralph Schenderlein, Operations Manager, ABS Bonifer Group

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