PDI Firestream Ascend turns your freight into profit with an end-to-end solution for petroleum marketers that drives costs down and maximizes profits.

Backed by decades of industry experience and expertise, our petroleum wholesale solution for fuel, propane, lubricants, and home heat helps you effectively manage and maximize profits for your business by ensuring efficiency, transparency and accuracy at every step in the supply chain.

One Fully-integrated Solution

Increase operational efficiency with a complete, end-to-end wholesale solution for petroleum marketers that includes sophisticated capabilities such as freight rating, hedge integration, and accounting.

Built for Growth

Get a scalable software platform with standard integration capabilities providing a unified view of your business so you can improve operations and manage inventory levels in real-time to ensure a continuous supply.

Real-Time Information at Your Fingertips

Access to real-time data ensures you maximize profit on every lead, discover credit issues, and most importantly, turn your freight into a profit center while replacing error prone manual processes.

Proactively Manage Critical Business Information

Our wholesale solutions help fuel jobbers automate financial and business operations so you can react quickly while increasing productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Designed for Your Industry

Built using more than three decades of industry experience and best practice expertise, our software was specifically designed to address the challenges petroleum marketers face every day.

Reimagine your petroleum marketing with PDI Firestream

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Solutions to Help You Thrive

Ascend Fuel Wholesale ERP

Complete financial accounting solution for midstream & downstream petroleum that maximizes profit on every lead, discovers credit issues, delivers real-time data, and most importantly, turns your freight into a profit center while replacing error prone manual processes.

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Gain valuable insight into your operations and save time and effort with real-time alerts sent via SMS text, email, instant messenger, and Twitter.

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No more run outs! DemandStream manages inventory levels in real-time using historical trend information to offer automatic load generation.

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Paperless, real-time communication with transport trucks – drivers receive loading and delivery instructions directly from DemandStream and capture BOL and delivery information that is returned to DemandStream in real time.

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Gain real-time actionable data from all your trucks with a solution that electronically dispatches to trucks, captures deliveries in the field, and returns that completed information to Ascend for invoicing – all done automatically in virtual real-time.

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Service more customers in less time with a metered fuel delivery solution for tank wagon and fleet fueling that utilizes barcode scanning hand-held computers to capture data and radio frequency to download route information to the truck computers from an office PC.

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“Generating a report has gone from several hours to five minutes…. The information is real-time, up to date and accurate, which is critical for our business.”

– Jeremy Bautista, VP of Operations, River City Petroleum

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