PDI Envoy offers retailers the flexibility and power to control their operations anytime, anywhere.

Empower your back office with PDI Envoy – a purely retail enterprise solution fit for every retailer’s needs. This convenience store back office software solution is designed specifically with convenience retailers in mind and works with all leading domestic and international POS platforms. Currently deployed in over 50 countries, PDI Envoy is designed to centrally control every aspect of retail operations regardless of currency, language, or local regulations.

  • Optimized for company owned & operated, franchise and dealer formats
  • Simultaneous support for multiple formats within same instance
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Global language and currency support
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Installed in over 50 countries

  • Multi-lingual e.g. French, English, Thai, Mandarin, Russian etc.
  • User defined currency setup
  • Multiple taxation methods
  • Local government reports
  • Support for a variety of business models

International scalability

PDI Envoy scales to retail organizations large and small with multiple languages and currencies and complies to government regulation forms.

Inventory reconciliation

PDI Envoy reconciles fuel and inventory all in one place guaranteeing you sell at a competitive rate.

Marketing promotions

You work hard to design marketing campaigns around your products, and we are here to make sure you have real-time data to track your success.

End-to-End Reconciliation

One Version of the Truth

Internationally Deployed

Fully Integrated

Start empowering your c-store back office with PDI Envoy

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We Help You Thrive

  • Headquarters office
  • Merchandise sales management
  • Fuel sales management
  • Inventory management
  • Pricebook
  • Retail site management
  • Employee module
  • Alert/exception manager
  • Business intelligence
  • Simplified GL/AR/AP accounting
  • Third party accounting interface
  • Mobile applications
  • Envoy services
  • Customizable end user reporting

“PDI Envoy has helped us streamline our business at the store level, as we believed it would. But it was the power of the back-office software that really provided an unexpected bonus for our operations.”

– Ken Victorick, Operations Zone Manager, Landmark Industries

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