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A loyalty program is a powerful tool in today’s highly competitive convenience retail market, and that’s why an overwhelming majority of C-stores in the United States offer a program. According to PDI’s 2019 C-Store Shopper Report, 73 percent of C-stores in this country have a loyalty program in place, with the majority (97 percent) saying their programs have been in place for over a year. Well and good, except many c-store operators struggle to turn their programs into a powerful tool for generating sales and foot traffic.

Next to store execution, the most powerful lever an operator can pull to make their loyalty program successful is delivering impactful digital communications (email and mobile app push notifications) to their members. Any loyalty communications solution should have the appropriate level of technological capability to meet the convenience retailer’s needs, and the best solutions will come with valuable expert guidance to help set strategies and goals. These are “technology” and “expertise” considerations. Optimizing loyalty communications begins with the latter.

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