Marketing Cloud Solutions

Marketing Cloud Solutions

Marketing and loyalty solutions to help retailers gain a competitive advantage, attract and retain more customers, and drive the greatest financial success.

Proven Solutions for Every Marketer

We know what it takes to design and operate winning loyalty programs, because our software, experience, and teams of experts are behind some of the most successful programs in the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale industries. Our integrated solutions drive value for key stakeholders in your business responsible for marketing, finance, IT, retail operations, as well as your customers. Our secure and scalable PDI Marketing Cloud Platform combined with the expertise of our PDI Marketing Solutions Practice helps marketers within your business attract new customers, keep existing ones, increase customer engagement, and drive higher revenues and profits.

PDI Marketing Cloud Platform

A comprehensive, unified marketing platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your point of sale systems and all marketing assets to meet your company’s unique needs.

  • Convenience Retail
  • National & Regional Brands
  • CPG Manufacturers
  • Grocers

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PDI Marketing Solutions Practice

Applying our deep industry knowledge and first-hand experience, we help convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers with the design, delivery and management of successful loyalty programs.

  • Strategy
  • Customer Experience & UX/UI Design
  • Implementation & Optimization
  • Actionable insights

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Higher Consumer Engagement

PDI Consumer Engagement Services is a comprehensive marketing solutions platform customized to support your company’s loyalty program from planning, design, development, and execution.

PDI can set up a payment program specific to your brand, and enjoy increased loyalty payment members, which means frequent trips and greater spend.

  • Artwork and loyalty cards design
  • Mobile app support
  • CRM-based email campaigns and push notifications
  • Dedicated CE manager with enhanced service plan

Points Economy Insights

Whether you’re looking to revitalize an existing loyalty program, or build a dynamic and successful one from scratch, PDI Points Economy employs proven strategies to drive customer interest and adoption.

Points Economy provides the flexibility to craft a program suited to your customers’ preferences. Build a powerful and robust loyalty program with PDI Points Economy.

  • Branded currency model
  • Flexible reward and redemption options
  • Catalog rewards and ticket-level discounts
  • Vendor funding potential with sponsored rewards

Secure Bank Linking

While an effective private label debit program is a sure path to increased loyalty, enrolling customers remains a frustrating challenge.

PDI Private Label Debit: Bank Linking allows consumers to enroll in your program using only their bank information and get on with their day:

  • Increased loyalty and spend
  • Low friction customer acquisition
  • Bank credentials based enrollment
  • Fast and secure

PDI Offers & Insights

Technology and expertise to help convenience retailers and CPG brands optimize loyalty programs and performance.

  • Advanced analytics cloud software
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Measurable ROI on loyalty programs & promotions
  • Access valuable data & gain actionable insights
  • Monitor offer performance to improve market presence
  • Leverage the PDI Offer Network

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Fuel Rewards

With nearly 25 million members, the Fuel Rewards® program is owned and operated by PDI and is one of the most successful cents-per-gallon rewards programs in the nation. Fuel Rewards powered by the PDI Marketing Cloud Platform and it enables scalable and integrated solutions across hundreds of brands.

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Reimagine your loyalty program with PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions

Convenience Retailers & Petroleum Wholesalers, This is Your Marketing Cloud

Effectively manage customer relationships and find new and better ways to increase engagement

Automate your loyalty campaigns to ensure that the right offers and messages are reaching your customers

Bring your operational and customer data together to drive insights that will help optimize your loyalty program

Get a Cloud-based Ordering Solution for Pickup or Delivery from Your C-Store

PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions brings together powerful tools and capabilities to help you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

“PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions reflects PDI’s commitment to provide customers with transformative solutions and business services that optimize their operations, increase efficiencies and boost profitability.”

Brandon Logsdon
SVP, Marketing Cloud Solutions

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Gain a competitive advantage with PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions