Propane and LP Gas Distribution

Increase Profits and Driver Productivity with PDI TouchStar

Delivery efficiency is one of the most critical factors in a productive and profitable propane and LP gas distribution operation. Managing paper tickets and invoices is a time-consuming and error-prone process that, for most drivers, takes up a significant portion of each day.

Implementing a PDI TouchStar propane and LP gas distribution software solution solves that challenge and turns what used to be an efficiency killer into a true business improvement opportunity that drivers, dispatchers, and management recognize immediately.

Integrated with tracking, compliance, and dispatch systems, fleet managers can plan routes efficiently while management gains deep insights into fleet activity with detailed reporting.

Manage Bulk Deliveries

Manage bulk deliveries, cylinder fill on-site, and cylinder exchange within a single system.

Driver time, billable/non-billable events, and non-delivery notifications are tracked and delivered directly to your accounting system.

Automate Delivery Tickets

Automate delivery tickets and invoicing, eliminating manual paper tickets, and save time at each delivery.

Customize pricing within the handheld by customer, product, or contract.

Integrate your mobile devices with dispatch and planning software to create an in-depth fleet management system.

Gain powerful automation tools and operational efficiency with PDI TouchStar

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Multinational Logistics and Workforce Automation

PDI TouchStar solutions, support, and services are available in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. Our local experts understand the challenges typically experienced when managing a mobile workforce and are focused on business outcomes and building results-based relationships that enable high-quality solutions for meeting long-term customer needs.

Business Outcomes Focused

Independent from ERP & Back Office

Exceptional User Experience

Longer Lifecycle & Lower TCO

“The ability to toggle between English and French to allow invoices to be printed in the language that suits each specific customer is a brilliant feature and has become a fundamental aspect to Budget Propane remaining a leader in our field for outstanding service.”

– Richard Charbonneau, General Manager, Budget Propane