To remain relevant in today’s competitive business environment, reliable insight into your data is imperative. Our software delivers everything from high-level dashboards to drill-down reports, allowing you to react to changing market demands, analyze product profitability and make commonsense adjustments, or examine years of data for trends affecting your bottom line.

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PDI Enterprise Performance Reporting

Make strategic business decisions with real-time reporting

PDI Enterprise Performance Reporting features both a data warehouse and Report Management Tool utilizing a SQL database and pre-configured SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) templates. Not only will you be able to view up-to-date information, but you’ll have the benefit of making decisions based on historic trends as well. Get answers to real business questions, analyze product profitability, and gain awareness of the trends affecting your business.

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Turn Your Data into Dollars

For years, data companies have been paying retailers for the data they collect in their stores every day. As a PDI customer using Enterprise or Data Capture through our Intellifuel solution, you’re eligible to turn your data to dollars through our Data Alliances program. This simple, hands-free opportunity uses your existing PDI software and can boost your bottom line with minimal upfront work, no cost to you, and zero ongoing maintenance.

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Gain Hands-Free Revenue

Just as data aggregators pay for retailer’s CPG data, PDI makes it easy for you to participate in revenue generating tobacco scan-data programs. What typically requires manual collection and paperwork is now simple with PDI MarketLink. 

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

POS providers are releasing software updates faster and more frequently than ever before. Dealing with the complexities of POS transaction data, network security, PCI compliance, mix & match challenges, in addition to the time, logistics, and fairness of managing your POS interface should not be your concern. With POSLink you have access to all PDI’s POS enhancements as they are released while the cost of development is shared across all license holders based on site count. 

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