With the power of PDI, use one system to price every segment of your business to give you control and flexibility.

Simplify the Pricing Process

Easily handle the complexity and diversity of wholesale pricing with intuitive and complete pricing strategies that’ll give you peace of mind from spot to the rack.

Seamless Integration

This solution quickly integrates into HQ systems. Link to your ERP and logistics software for added convenience.

Maximize Margins

Build a complete picture of your business by uncovering data trends in elasticity and demand. Optimize profits for both you and your clients with dynamic strategies for any pricing situation.

Reimagine your fuel pricing strategy with PDI Fuel Pricing B2B Wholesale

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The new PDI Customer Services Online (CSO) is a fully automated client portal that improves the customer service experience. Enable your customers to manage all of their account details all in one, secure, and easy-to-use website. PDI CSO integrates with various ERP and logistics solution systems for a seamless experience. With a site customized to your brand and each customer’s needs, keep everyone in the loop with the power of PDI.

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