Fuel retailers often have to decide between driving margin or volume. With the power of PDI, you can do both.

In a competitive market, fuel retailers need to be able to fully understand market conditions to make improved pricing decisions.  Due to the high volume of evolving information and the fast-paced industry, a pricing strategy is critical. PDI Fuel Pricing Retail is a highly configurable application to help site operators fully understand a site’s competitive edge in terms of price position and operating margin.

With the help of PDI Fuel Pricing,

  • Create effective pricing strategies to maximize competitive and strategic potential
  • Quickly adapt to your market changes and site needs
  • Collect and analyze data to rank sites in a micro market
  • Assess site elasticity to develop site strategies
  • Utilize all available communication channels including POS systems, pole signs, and consumer website and mobile applications

Reimagine your petroleum marketing with PDI Fuel Pricing Retail

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A Fully-integrated Solution

Integrates to your ERP software and loyalty programs to gather data to build elasticity models.

Make Impactful Business Decisions

Gain real-time, accurate insights into your data with industry leading visualization and business intelligence tools.

Always the Right Pricing Strategies

Optimize your profits with solutions configured to balancing margin and volume sales.

Plan Ahead for Events

With the power of machine learning, pervious data will help you strategize pricing for unplanned events.

Customized for Your Site

PDI Fuel Pricing Retail’s responsive design is made for any browser, tablet, computer, or mobile device, so you can price how you like.

Streamline Your Pricing Strategy

With increased automation, PDI Fuel Pricing Retail reduces errors and decreases the pricing cycle time.

“Making and implementing the right pricing decisions is now a key process for us during this period of growth. We identified PDI Fuel Pricing as the best available solution.”

– Pricing Manager

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