A PDI Customer Success Story

Executive Overview

HQ: Philadelphia, Mississippi, since 1960

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 10 c-stores

Solution: PDI Workforce, PDI Labor Scheduler

Business Challenges

  • Wanted to move away from spreadsheets for labor scheduling
  • Needed a workforce solution to help plan for out-of-the-ordinary store events such as unusually large deliveries
  • Required a scheduling solution that enabled store managers to stay on budget

Solution Overview

PDI Workforce

After more than 30 years in the c-store industry, we have unique insight into the challenges of running a well-managed workforce. We put our experience to work tackling those challenges, and the result is a workforce management solution uniquely equipped to meet your sophisticated business needs.

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Customer Results

Provided chart-based graphical insights into workforce budgets

Improved visibility into individual store labor trends

Allowed for the reduction of overtime hours

Improved workforce management and business insights

PDI Workforce and PDI Labor Scheduler elevated Prince Oil’s workforce management from a spreadsheet to an intuitive software solution that could predict and account for all labor situations.

“The Workforce, the Scheduler – for us it’s been revolutionary.”

– Ben Peebles, CFO, Prince Oil Company

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