A PDI Customer Success Story

Executive Overview

HQ: Columbia, South Carolina

Industry: Restaurants

Size: 15 locations

Solution: Managed Security Services (MSS)

Business Challenges

  • Challenges in keeping point of sale (POS) systems operations when internet connections failed
  • Implementing and managing secure guest WiFi
  • Maintaining network efficiencies across remote locations

Solution Overview

Managed Security Services

PDI provides 24/7 expert support to monitor and deploy multiple security tools to help customers manage the security challenges created by remote locations.

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Customer Results

Protected network environments containing sensitive information and payment card data

Dynamic failover capabilities that detect primary access outage and revert to secondary internet

Each store has firewall protection for a secure POS infrastructure

Secure and stable WiFi for both customers and employees

Through implementing PDI firewall protection, secure guest WiFI services, and a managed compliance service, Lizard’s Thicket created a secure, dependable, and efficient network for their locations and customers.

“The managed, secure Internet connection and cellular backup services are a great value, but it is the exceptional support from the network operations center that cinches the deal for us.”

– Clayton Tapp, Controller of Lizard’s Thicket

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