A Cybera Customer Success Story

Executive Overview

HQ: Temple, Texas

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 248 stores

Solution: CyberaONE™ Platform

Business Challenges

  • Rising costs and management workload to manage security inhibiting business growth
  • Increasing network complexity with in-store device and installation needed for each new location
  • Existing WAN appliances lacked the level of security, sustainability, and scalability needed

Solution Overview

CyberaONE Platform

Cybera, part of PDI Security Solutions, provided both new customer-facing and back-office applications through the cloud to allow CEFCO to implement a simplified, managed networking solution, faster application deployment, and increased uptime.

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Customer Results

Streamlined IT processes for better business agility

Deployed value-added services to improve the customer experience

Saw a 15% reduction in managed network costs, plus a longer-term hardware savings

Enhanced security and maximized uptime across the network

With Cybera, CEFCO was able to overcome difficult network routing challenges, increase network availability, and roll out gift card processing to 225 stores in a matter of days.

“Cybera worked through some very tricky network routing to accomplish the desired results. It’s great to have someone handling our network services for us.”

– H. Lorne Brockway, CIO of CEFCO

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