Protecting your business means reaching the “flying” stage with a fully mature security strategy.

Any parent with more than one child understands that maturity does not necessarily have a direct relationship with age. Every person is unique in their maturation process and matures at their own pace. (And anyone with teen and pre-teen boys may be asking, “What is maturity and how can my boys get some?”)

The same can be applied to your business. IT departments at companies of all ages and sizes have various levels of “security maturity”—independent of the age of the organization, their staff’s experience, their revenue, or their IT budget.

It’s helpful to look at your organization’s cybersecurity posture as being along a growth continuum or maturity level. If you permit me to mix my metaphors: think of your posture as something that is crawling, walking, running, or flying.

  • Crawling: Protecting critical network assets against advanced threats and malware (like ransomware) using a combination of anti-virus software and possibly endpoint security agents.
  • Walking: Adding network perimeter protection with a managed firewall service.
  • Running: Further adding Managed SIEM, which stores all logs from assets in case of breach for critical evidence and includes File Integrity Monitoring.
  • Flying: Taking a holistic approach by incorporating threat intelligence for behavioral analytics of advanced threat actors and malware variants on endpoints and critical assets. This is done with a 24/7 security operation center (SOC) service staffed by senior security analysts.

Understanding your security maturity

So, what is your business’ current level of security maturity?

  • Are you still crawling and learning to walk? Do you merely have anti-virus software on your systems and a firewall that you manage yourself? Is that firewall properly configured? Do you know? Learn how PDI Managed Security Services can get you running and flying.
  • Do you already have a mature cybersecurity posture? Let’s find areas where your business’ cybersecurity can become more efficient as well as implement more cost-effective technologies and processes.

Learning to fly

I personally have worked with small firms who “fly” and well-established organizations who are still learning to “walk.” And, I’ve helped everyone in between. Ideally, you want your business to fly. However, our goal at PDI is to help you move anywhere along this continuum so that you can build upon and grow in your security maturity.

Cybersecurity threats are evolving at a rapid pace. A brief glimpse of the news each day shows us the constant assault we are under. Bad actors are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Gone are the days when you could be satisfied with merely “crawling” or “walking.” Today, you need a holistic and integrated approach to cybersecurity. Staying on top of things can be extremely daunting, but that is where a partner like PDI can help.

Let’s talk

We are eager to learn about your organization and to help you overcome the challenges you may have. Your IT and cybersecurity staff should be focused on forward-looking and revenue generating projects—like securing that new mobile app or that new web site. Let us help with the rest.

Stay vigilant!

Contact us today to learn more about how to maximize your cybersecurity functions by supplementing your organization’s security threat management efforts.