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For U.S. Oil to increase the number of gallons of fuel supplied to its dealer sites, the petroleum leader turned to PDI (formerly Excentus) to upgrade its loyalty program from a base-level CPG program to a comprehensive, feature-rich loyalty solution that would improve its dealers’ ability to drive in-store purchases and fuel sales at the pump.

Business Challenge

U.S. Oil operates a fuel supply arrangement with the dealer sites in its network. In order to drive fuel consumption that would result in more gallons purchased from the distributor, U.S. Oil partnered with PDI (formerly Excentus) in 2011 to launch the Open Road Rewards loyalty program. But as new technology emerged, competition in the convenience retail industry increased, and the ways in which consumers prefer to engage with c-stores changed, U.S. Oil recognized the need to evolve its loyalty strategy to retain dealers, help them grow their business, and increase the number of gallons purchased.

PDI Solution

U.S. Oil leaned on its existing partnership with PDI, upgrading to a robust, end-to-end, feature-rich convenience retail loyalty solution that would allow participating dealers to engage directly with their consumers and gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of their program. Utilizing PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions’ Elevate loyalty management platform, U.S. Oil’s new-and-improved program features:

  • A fully-branded mobile app that provides a direct connection to each customer, keeping them engaged both in the loyalty program and to the dealers’ brand
  • A configurable offer management system that allows dealers to assess and tailor offers, discounts and promotions to each customer, based on shopper behaviors and preferences, to increase footfall, basket size, and more frequent visits to the pump
  • An integrated CRM and full-suite of customer engagement tactics to power personalized, relevant email and mobile app communications
  • Cents-per-gallon currency and the ability to run different promotions such as fuel and merchandise discounts, product clubs, or continuity basket offers
  • Easy-to-understand reporting dashboards to track program performance, study broader analytics and capture insights for ongoing program enhancements to ensure the program remains relevant and valuable to consumers and dealers alike

Customer Results

By creating a loyalty program that fostered deeper customer engagement, encouraged repeat visits and foot traffic, and created incentives for customers to fill up more, PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions helped U.S. Oil increase its fuel sales while also helping its dealers increase revenue throughout their retail operations.

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