Having a central platform for retail, wholesale and logistics is important for all your lines of business.
Having a central platform for retail, wholesale and logistics is important for all your lines of business.

Almost all businesses now know they need to use software to optimize their operations. The time, cost and capability benefits available with software are too great to pass up. This holds true whether you’re a c-store chain, fuel wholesaler or home heat supplier.

Sometimes, you’re all three. Businesses with diverse portfolios doubly understand the need for software and automation across their operations. Yet when such companies look at the IT ecosystem, they find the more software they have, the worse off they are.

Disparate solutions may end up costing more

Having a diverse operation entailing retail and wholesale means organizations can end up with different platforms for various lines of business. While each solution may have its benefits for use in that segment, the overall effect of fragmented software architecture can be negative.

Consider how data would be treated in such setups. Each platform collects its own pieces of information, but nothing is necessarily shared or stored in one format and in one place. Unless each solution is painstakingly integrated with one another — which comes at a great investment of time, labor and money — companies can’t truly leverage their data and extract actionable insights. This hampers a business’s ability to remain agile and responsive to demand while responding to constant market changes.

An overburdened IT infrastructure can be a real time and money suck on companies. The bigger it grows, the more unwieldy it becomes. And what was once considered an advantage ends up devouring resources.

End-to-end solution drives performance, cost efficiency

When you’re a diversified business, you need software that has the same wide range of expertise and functionality as you. For such companies, there’s really no substitute for an end-to-end solution that can serve as a single source of data and unified platform. Instead of having to jump between solutions for c-store employee time scheduling, fuel accounts receivable and logistics dispatch, businesses can operate from a central solution that enables high performance and greater cost efficiency.

When you need to manage your retail, wholesale, logistics, cardlock business, consignment operation, or any number of tasks, never overlook the power that an end-to-end solution can grant. With uniform visibility into operations, gaining insight and capability is well within the reach of your business.

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