The right technology can add significant advantages for shippers and carriers

Shippers and carriers can add significant advantages to their business and open up new possibilities by focusing on their freight management system. In an industry where saving every penny matters, the right technology can make a huge difference. So let’s take a look at some key areas that can make an impact on operational efficiency.

Invest in software

A robust logistics solution can help predict demand and propose what quantities of each type of fuel should be delivered to each station; ensure that tanks don’t run out of fuel; make sure there’s a product in each tank and maintain the balance between products with high and low sales volume. Software that unifies planning, dispatch, in-truck, and carrier management tasks can reduce friction and remove the barriers between operational groups with a single, connected solution. It can also provide one version of the truth by giving retailers, wholesalers, and carriers access to the same system and the same data.

Gain real-time visibility

Real-time visibility gives carriers all kinds of advantages such as access to load or freight boards. If operators have extra capacity, and somebody has a scheduled load that they need to get picked up, and you’ve got capacity, you can jump on that load board and get a hookup and then haul that load of fuel. Real-time visibility also allows you to know where your fleet and fuel are at any time – making it easier to tag team on other issues that might arise and manage issues such as inventory, forecasting, sourcing, and dispatching.

Are you ready for real-time visibility into your carrier operations?

Use safety tools

Carriers that are hauling and delivering fuel need to make sure to put fuel in the tank in the right way, and technology can help keep everyone safe. Using tools such as electronic logging devices (ELD) will help manage and monitor driver and fleet compliance, simplify driver workflows, increase safety and provide real-time visibility to streamline operations. This keeps drivers safe, keeps the fleet compliant, and keeps the business efficient. Dashcams also provide safety for drivers—improving driving behavior, guarding against accidents, and providing valuable evidence if an accident occurs. Using built-in artificial intelligence and infrared can detect road hazards and driver distractions too.

The relationship with carriers is critical to a business’s success and can clearly impact the bottom line. We believe the entire transportation industry should have access to high-quality, data-driven technology to develop carrier excellence. Technology can really be at the heart of your best practice in carrier management.

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