Every morning Kurt Paradise hops into his car and wades into the mildly annoying traffic of Beltline Highway on his commute to work. The native Wisconsinite is employed by Madison-based convenience retailer Stop-N-Go. With its 36 locations, the family-owned c-store chain, which began as a simple dairy products store in 1963, is now a common sight for motorists in The Badger State.

Stop-N-Go of Wisconsin

As the controller for Stop-N-Go, Paradise handles much of the company’s financial and operational analysis, and he does it all with PDI Analytics. “A large part of my job is to produce reliable reporting that provides a clear, accurate picture of how our operation is doing,” he says.

However, only a few months ago Paradise was using another reporting tool entirely. “A big contributing factor to us making the switch to PDI Analytics was the need for better product support. The previous tool we were using was no longer being supported. We didn’t want to wait for the system to crash before we were forced to make the inevitable decision,” Paradise explains. “PDI Analytics is not only an excellent tool, but the support behind it is excellent as well.”

PDI Analytics is equipped with highly flexible reporting capabilities that allow users to customize and configure columns and rows. “There are some standard reports, but convenience store chains are unique, and reports are often very specific to a particular organization. The power of PDI Analytics lies in its ability to accommodate that,” Paradise states.

In addition to providing flexible formatting, PDI Analytics uses a Microsoft Excel® interface, which makes the software easy to learn and operate. “I learned how to build an income statement in one hour,” Paradise claims. “And writing formulas is significantly easier because the software is Excel-based. In particular, the ability to use conditional formatting has been extremely helpful to our department.”

Aside from simplifying the report-building process, PDI Analytics can also compile the information in one location. “Some of the reports I regularly use are income statements, balance sheets, statements of equity, and cash flow statements,” says Paradise. “In the previous system, I’d have to separately run each report and do the work of combining them into one report. It was extremely time consuming. PDI Analytics allows me to build a report that has all those statements in one file. I can then use its distribution features to quickly get pertinent information to our managers and supervisors.”

These days, Paradise is not only customizing his reporting, but he’s doing it faster and easier than ever before. “I’ve managed to cut my monthly reporting time by nearly 75 percent,” he says. “Moreover, we’re paying less for our current system than we did for the previous one. That’s huge! I’d definitely say we made the right choice going with PDI Analytics.”

Download a PDF version of this case study: Stop-N-Go of Madison case study