Like any type of electronic device or tool, you must properly take care of your mobile computer to maximize its lifespan and your return on investment.

If you recently found yourself unboxing a new cell phone or laptop, chances are it came with a set of instructions to help optimize your user experience and the life of your shiny, new device.

Much like those products, the rugged mobile computers that complement PDI’s enterprise management software for the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale industry were built to last – but they weren’t built to last forever. Like any type of electronic device or tool, you must properly take care of them to maximize their lifespan and your return on investment.

Routine handheld maintenance, along with a great service plan, can help maximize the device’s up time.

Keep Your Device Clean

One of the easiest and most important steps to maximize your ROI is frequent, light cleaning. Exterior surfaces and scan windows are exposed to spills, smudges and debris accumulation, so use a soft, lint-free cloth or lens tissue to clean them. Dampen it with diluted solution from an approved cleaning agent, and gently wipe all surfaces. You can use a cotton swab on hard-to-reach contacts (e.g. power cable inputs). Contacts on the scanner and base should be cleaned as needed to ensure a good connection. Rub the cloth from one side of the contacts to the other on the unit and dock, moving it slowly back and forth. Be sure not to leave any cloth residue, and remember to remove the power cable before cleaning the cradle contacts. If you’re thinking about upgrading your old devices, know that many of the new product designs by Datalogic come with wireless, contactless charging, eliminating issues with dirty contacts.

Avoid harsh cleaning solutions that could degrade the materials, and avoid abrasion that could damage the housing or display. Alcohol does not interact with the contacts and evaporates so no residue is left. We recommend using only water or isopropyl alcohol (70%). Avoid using any other cleaning agents (e.g. different alcohol, abrasive or corrosive products, or solvents) or abrasive pads to clean the device.

Purchase a Service Plan

While Datalogic mobile computers are tough and reliable, they are subject to rough treatment. Over time, repeated drops and tumbles can cause them to break. Having a service plan in place is important to protect your investment. Datalogic and PDI offer custom service/maintenance offerings so you can match the right program with your support requirements. Maintenance programs provide the best level of coverage with fast repair turnaround times and no additional charges or authorizations needed. When you purchase the product, don’t forget to select the level of service and length of coverage you desire. This ensures a hassle-free experience over the product lifetime. A pay-per-incident option is also available but has longer repair times, increasing your downtime and, over time, reducing your overall ROI.

Datalogic’s EASEOFCARE service programs provide superior life-cycle management with three service levels:

  • Overnight Replacement places a new or refurbished device in your hands the next business day. Simply return the broken device in the shipping box, and keep the new one.
  • Two-day Comprehensive offers rapid, two-day, in-depot repair turnaround of your device with prepaid shipping both ways.
  • Five-day, In-depot upgrades the standard factory warranty and cuts repair times by half.

These service programs are managed by Datalogic, the same company that designed and manufactured your products, ensuring that you get the best service to protect your technology investment. They are easy to add when you purchase the hardware in 3- or 5-year terms, with one-year extensions available for both.

If you need help deciding which program best fits your needs, it’s always best to call your supplier. In this case, the PDI Technology Solutions team is available. Simply call the PDI support line to get started. If you need a hardware repair, you can submit an RMA (return merchandise authorization) using the online tool 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Datalogic and PDI have worked together for over 20 years to deliver devices and applications that enable your business to thrive. With the right care and maintenance plan in place, your rugged mobile devices can have a long life, even in challenging environments.

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