Take the guesswork out of c-store employee scheduling with a workforce software solution.
Take the guesswork out of c-store employee scheduling with a workforce software solution.

While employees are arguably a c-store’s most valuable resource, they also require close and constant management. Despite the employee’s value, workforce management hasn’t always been easy or top-of-mind for c-stores – especially those using manual processes to juggle multi-site labor schedules. The complexities of organizing a sizeable labor workforce extend far past the capacity of mere pen-and-paper methods. Implementing a robust software solution alleviates issues that arise on a frequent basis.

Using a c-store workforce solution does more than trim payroll costs, as well. A properly informed and scheduled employee promotes a happier and more motivated workplace. C-stores need to realize the advantages gained when empowering their people with intuitive software to provide the highest quality service.

Scheduling ahead of time and in the moment

At one time, store managers relied solely on wall calendars marked with different colors assigned to each employee to determine schedules. This process makes communication difficult and restricts the flexibility to accommodate last-minute employee shift changes or spikes in business.

Manual methods also create added difficulties for frontline employees. However, with workforce solutions, employees can instantly view their scheduled hours and locations on phones and personal devices. Providing employees immediate insight allows c-stores to gain both scheduling efficiency and employee engagement that ultimately pays dividends for the business.

Taking the capabilities one step further, c-stores have the ability to enable intelligent scheduling. Combining employee, store and customer data into the management solution informs and refines management practices to provide optimum scheduling for employees. With data analytics and automation on their side, managers control every aspect of the process, allowing them to respond to customer demand or seasonal fluctuations in real time. With such precise labor allocation, managers effectively leverage their workforce to the greatest extent.

With properly allocated employees, the workforce begins to use their strengths to the advantage of the business. Software not only helps c-stores on the operational side, but also with human capital and talent management. Workforce solutions offer c-stores the best of both these worlds, and provides an immediate competitive advantage.

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