Monitor these jobber KPIs for optimized operations.
Monitor these jobber KPIs for optimized operations.

Real-time data and report generating has been a boon for petroleum marketers of all sizes. The insights available through data analysis and tracking have opened the door to new opportunities for even the smallest of jobbers. By leveraging the power of software, companies can optimize processes, more easily identify problem areas and drive operational improvements.

The key to making data work for you is knowing which data to look at. That’s where Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) come in, and here are some of the most important metrics to track for your petroleum marketing company:

Accounts payable/Accounts receivable (AP/AR)

AP/AR can help you optimize collections and your own bill payments, which is critical to cash flow. Real-time updates for both segments help keep your finances healthy. Also, being able to age accounts reports allows you to pinpoint and strategize problem accounts.

On-time delivery

On-time delivery is important not just for your own success, but also your customer’s experience. Keeping this quality metric high ensures your profit is protected and your customers are happy; conversely, seeing this KPI sag can alert a company to an issue before it gets worse.

Gross margin

Petroleum marketers often work on thin margins, so having a real-time view into that exact figure is critical for operations. Relying on manual methods to calculate such margins can have disastrous consequences, which further underscores the value in such a precise KPI.

New customer growth

Keeping an eye on how much of your business is due to new customer growth can help jobbers build on their expansion efforts, or alert them to a stagnation that needs to be rectified.

Contract expirations

Having a rolling view of expiring contracts can ensure marketers are always aware of churn and never caught off guard without a response.

In the end, the metrics that matter most to you will be the ones you track. And with software becoming ever-more nuanced and functional, your options of KPIs to track grows larger and more refined.

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