Ransomware attack
Discover what really happens during an active ransomware attack and how you can help prevent one.

When you hear about high-profile ransomware attacks, you typically learn the company name and a bit about the payoff to cybercriminals. If you read some of the IT security publications or blogs, you might get some juicier tidbits about what really happened.

What you rarely see, however, is a complete behind-the-scenes analysis of the incident—including the timelines, the step-by-step decision making, and the ultimate impact on the company. The reason for that is both simple and understandable. Most companies don’t want everyone to know about what’s probably one of the worst moments in their history.

The rare exception is a small convenience retailer that was willing to let PDI share its story (anonymously) in the hopes that it would encourage other businesses to better understand what’s at stake with ransomware attacks.

Learn about the anatomy of the attack

To give you a quick overview, the company contacted PDI in February 2020 to help it respond to an active ransomware attack. After some extremely stressful decisions that could have involved shutting down forever, the company ultimately made it through to the other side. Unfortunately, the lessons learned were much more harrowing than anyone would have liked.

Even though this story has a somewhat happy ending, it was still the most stressful situation that any of the business leaders had faced in their careers—and one they want to help other business leaders avoid.

Take a deeper dive into the full story

As part of its goal to educate convenience retailers, Conexxus invited me to share a deep-dive analysis about this particular attack. The webinar follows the play-by-play sequence of what happened, what remediation steps had to occur, and the findings from the after-action report that could have prevented the attack in the first place.

The webinar also covers what a maturing security practice looks like, along with several easily actionable steps to make your business more secure today. Like many other aspects of business, it all comes down to the trade-offs you’re willing to make between convenience and risk.

To get the complete story, watch the on-demand Conexxus webinar “Anatomy of a Convenience Marketer Ransomware Attack.”

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