E-cig sales are on the rise.
E-cig sales are on the rise.

Nowadays, finding a place to smoke a cigarette can be difficult. Both private and government properties don’t allow it indoors. For smokers, that means stepping outside to fulfill the need. For this reason, many have turned to e-cigarettes. Battery-operated tobacco devices allow people to smoke without producing as much dangerous and irritating secondhand fumes. With e-cig popularity soaring, C-store​s have an opportunity to earn additional revenue. Here are some e-cigarette stats you should know before putting in an order:

E-cigarette use is growing among teens
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration revealed that e-cigarette use has increased among high school and middle school students. This trend reflects adult populations as well, though younger generations are more interested. In 2015, 16 percent of high school students had used an e-cigarette. With these devices gaining popularity, being vigilant about who you sell them to will become increasingly important. Train your staff to notice signs of fraudulent IDs – protecting your C-Store from breaking the law is crucial. Most states ban the sales of e-cigs to minors, but knowing the specific laws in your area is important.

Sales are on the rise
Not only is e-cigarette use increasing among teens, ​but sales have also risen. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sales increased by 320 percent for disposable e-cigs, 82 percent for cartridges and 72 percent for starter kits between 2012 and 2013.

Millennials are most likely to try and continue using e-cigs
According to a report by the CDC, millennials are more likely than other generations to try and continue using e-cigarettes. Specifically, 21.6 percent of adults aged 18 to 34 have tried them compared to 12.6 percent of adults in general. Additionally, 5.1 percent of millennials currently use e-cigs compared to 3.7 percent of adults. If your C-store serves a lot of millennials, stocking electronic devices can appeal to their greater interest in this trend.

Men and woman share equal use
The CDC report also noted that men and women almost equally use e-cigarettes, citing only a 0.7 percent difference. Of those surveyed, 4.1 percent of men and 3.4 percent of women regularly use e-cigarettes. As such, you don’t have to alter your marketing approach to men and women when selling e-cigs.

Smokers most likely to try and use e-cigs
Perhaps unsurprisingly, cigarette smokers both current and recent are most likely to use e-cigs. In fact 47.6 percent of people who use traditional cigarettes have tried the electronic version. Of those who have recently quit, 55.4 percent have tried e-cigs. The CDC also noted that people who are trying to quit are more likely to use e-cigs. The idea is that the electronic one can help them wean off of the addiction. However, the American Lung Association stresses that e-cigarette use is not an effective way to quit.

With all of that information, your likely shoppers are those who already come in for cigarettes. You can ask if they’ve ever tried using e-cigs and point to the products you currently stock.